ASK209 (Airsoft)

APS Conception - ASK209 (Airsoft)

Product Description


Tactical AK-47 style EBB includes a high capacity 500 round magazine.
Features enhanced Magazine Well and Release, Polymer Railed Handguard, Railed Top Cover and M4 Stock Tube and Crane Stock.
Semi/Full Automatic.
Battery and battery charger not included.
Specifications :
Era: Modern
Category: Assault Rifle
System: battery
Weight: 7.4 lbs
Length: 83 cm
Battery type: Stick/Nunchuck
Battery location: Body/Stock
Max Voltage: 9.6
FPS: 420
Color: Black
Mag Type: AK47 AK74
Action: Blowback
Stock: Telescopic
Furniture: Synthetic
Body: Metal
Accessories: Foregrip